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Our Philosophy of Worship

Global Worship Movement (GWM) believes that Christian worship begins with God, who is the giver of life and who, through Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit, has provided a way for us to be in intimate relationship with him. Our active participation in this relationship is one of response.

GWM utilizes the arts to facilitate an embodied unified response within the context of community. The Bible gives testimony to the fact that God has purposefully engaged the human body as a key aspect of his works of redemption throughout history (Romans 12): from creation to exodus, from Christ’s incarnation to resurrection, from baptism to communion. Yet sadly, the western church has globally presented the Gospel in a way that separates the mind from the body, and greatly limited a fully embodied engagement with God. Add to this the distorted views of the physical body, as presented by culture, what results is a worship that is sung but not felt, spoken but not embodied.

GWM aims to recover God's design for an incarnational faith that calls for a conscious active participation in worship. Through the use of dance, movement based tools, worship education, Scripture, music, and a carefully crafted liturgy, GWM is able to lead worships services during which the people are able to cross their thresholds of fear of movement into a place where their eyes are fixed upon Jesus, and there is joy in offering a unified embodied response to God. As a result of engaging the physical body in worship, GWM has witnessed Christians and non-Christians having a much greater open heart to the presentation of the Gospel through Scripture and preaching, resulting in a higher number of salvations and re-commitments to Christ.

Reaching souls for Christ through the use of the arts, is primary to the vision of GWM. All of GWM's events (worship services, educational seminars, etc,) aim to reflect Christ’s description of the greatest commandment to: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength.” (Mark 12:30) This commandment expresses a congruent integration of the whole body into our relationship with God. GWM provides a worship context in which people can be both congruent and physically engaged in their response to God.

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