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GWM is a missional worship team that integrates movement into worship while leading people in responding to God as a global community.






As a movement, GWM is:


To worship our Lord in global community with our whole selves;


To fulfill the great commission by worship evangelism through the arts through culturally sensitive and relevant means;


To edify the church through training in worship and the arts; and

To raise up the next generation of missional artists.

Operational Mandate:


We seek to achieve our mission and vision by following these steps:


  • Receive an invitation to engage in missions work from the local church, in global urban contexts.

  • Integrate the culturally relevant urban music of that country into a worship liturgy in preparation for Doxological Evangelism.

  • Integrate movement into the worship liturgy so as to generate greater participation and unity of the people.

  • Assemble and facilitate training of ministry teams with respect for cultural authenticity.

  • Travel to the invited country and partner with the local Christian leadership for evangelization and edification of their community through worship.

  • Utilize the team to offer hands-on training in worship in the arts.

  • From networking and training comes the mobilization of Levitical artists into full-time missions work in the music and the arts.

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